Istanbul Bike Tour

Bike Tour around Istanbul City Wall


Just sit on a bike and see Istanbul by the eyes of local. Our licensed volunteers – guides are happy to show you the less discovered areas in Istanbul, where tourist usually never go. Escape the herds of tourists and join us on our bike rides through the landmarks of Istanbul to the pristine seaside! Bike tour around the Old city walls where you will see the seaside and land walls, various inputs and outputs of the city, the unique Bulgarian St. Stephen Church, Red City High School, bay Golden Horn, Egyptian market and many others.

Group size: up 2 to 15 persons.
Distance: around 25 km.
Duration: around 3 hours.
Difficulty: easy.

The best part of a tour that it’s Free. Ours licensed volunteers – guides work only on donations. 

You set the price of a tour, depending on how well we are performing.
We are believe that every guest of the city or traveler, no matter of the budget, should be familiar with the city a unique and colorful history through the eyes of the locals.

Please use the following information to contact us:


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